Business Card Printing Program review and Guide – “Business Cards Mx”

This review of the business card printing program Business Cards Mx 3.7 is meant to assist anyone thinking of investing in a business card program. It points out both the good and the bad aspects of the program in order to assist you to make an informed choice.

Look and feel
The interface is extremely attractive and the colours blend well together. The property bar on the right is useful and brings up relevant editable properties for the chosen tool or object.

Overall, it is very easy to find your way around the program. I prefer this interface over others that I have come across. It’s elegant but very functional.

There is a wide range of excellent business card backgrounds which all look very professional. You won’t find any amateur looking clipart here.

But if clipart is your thing there is also a very large choice of it in almost any category imaginable. The clipart contains some pretty good photos as well so it’s a good mix.

In addition to these there are 4 layout templates, which include a blank one so it’s actually three layout templates.

Level of technical know how required
The program can do so much and therefore may seem to be a little daunting at first, but everything is pretty straightforward once you get started and “experiment” a little. The arrangement of things makes it very intuitive and easy to learn.

However, if you want to get the full benefits of having this program a little time spent learning its features would be a great idea.

The default saving format is *.bcw
Image export is available in a wide variety of formats which include jpg, bmp, png, gif, tif, dcx, pdf, pcc, pcx, afi, vst, tga, pbm, pgm, ppm, hck and ico. If these are not adequate for you then you probably need something more than just a business card program.

Trial version functionality and restrictions
The trial version is fully functional, but there is a watermark when printing.

Print sheet stock and layout options
Paper stock supported includes Ace label, A-ONE, APLI, Avery, Compulabel, Formtec, Horlenz, Hisago, Lorenz Bell, Office Depot, Printec and Sigel. This is a very comprehensive list and should be fine for any needs.

Graphic design capability
The layering tool makes working with complex projects requiring multiple layers a breeze.

You can adjust a whole range of object properties from opacity to adding shadows, gradients, masks, textures and others.

The text styles and special effects are simply marvelous and were a pleasant surprise. These are similar to Microsoft Word’s “wordart.” Coupled with the gradient tool this gives you great flexibility and creative leeway.

These graphic design capabilities, coupled with the brilliant templates, could easily be Business Cards Mx’s strongest points and are quite unique for a business card printing program.

System Requirements
Microsoft Windows 2000, XP and Vista.

Value for money
This business card printing program is great value for money at US$29.95. Actually, if they charged a little more for it I would still be happy given that many programs selling for the same have much less to offer.

The only other program that comes close to Business Cards Mx is Business Card Designer Plus, although it falls slightly short of the mark. However, both of these programs are a very good investment.

Overall Score out of five

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