Free Business Card Design Software - PagePlus SE

Finally, free business card design software that is really free. It was quite a pleasant surprise to find this software as most so-called free business card programs are not really free. They are usually just free to download. PagePlus SE however is totally free to use. All that is required in order to use it after you have downloaded and installed it is to register the software.

This review of PagePlus SE is meant to assist anyone thinking of getting free business card software. It points out both the good and the bad aspects of the program in order to assist you to make an informed choice as to which program is best for you.

PagePlus SE, as a desktop publishing package, is not just a business card design software, but allows you to design postcards, brochures, greeting cards and banners to mention a few. So in this regard it is versatile and adaptable to other needs you might have.

Look and feel
The interface is attractive and soft on the eyes. All the menus and shortcuts are in the areas you would normally expect to find them which saves time and allows you to get to work quickly.

The downloaded program does not come with many templates. Actually I could only find 1 business card template, but you can download the templates by going to the website, which has a number of good templates to choose from. The choice is not very wide though.

Level of technical know how required
There is some built in flexibility in this software because those who don’t have too much graphic design savvy can work with it, but those that want a little more complexity can also find it to a certain level. Just don’t expect CorelDraw complexity with this type of program.

The default format is PagePlus SE design (.ppp) and PagePlus SE template (.ppx). You can import pictures and other graphics in TIF, GIF, PNG, JPG, JPEG and BMP formats.

Trial version functionality and restrictions
The software is totally free so there are no restrictions on its use. It also allows the importing of some CorelDraw, Adobe Acrobat and various types of Word documents. If you are willing to spend a little cash you can upgrade to get features such as Mail merge, PDF export, a built-in spreadsheet, web publishing and pantone colours.

Print sheet stock and layout options
Printing options are fully customisable. There is however no print stock support offered with this free business card design software. Obviously this is a big drawback as you would have to spend time getting the paper orientation and all correct yourself.

Graphic design capability and other features
The graphic design capabilities of this free business acrd design software are basic, but adequate for most design jobs and most needs. The graphic design specialist or junkie might feel a little limited by it.

System Requirements
Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XPI found that it also works okay on Windows Vista

Value for money
Its free business card design software! Well worth the download.

Overall Score out of five

It is pretty good for free business card design software and quite generous of them to offer it free.

You can DOWNLOAD it at
Just choose the free option and off you go. Have fun.

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