Free Full Colour Business Card Backgrounds

This is a collection of free full colour business card backgrounds that you can use in your own designs. Backgrounds are often neglected elements on most business cards, but if done well, they can make all the difference to your cards.

A great background is one that compliments your theme or business. It could illustrate something that your business does or just reinforce an impression you are trying to create of your business.

It is important, though, that your background not be too overpowering or bright. It should not distract people from the main thing – which is your business. When you have it right, you will know.

Here is an example of good use of backgrounds:

business card background

The example above illustrates well how a good business card background can make your card stand out and be more attractive and memorable, as well as reinforce your message.

Below are some backgrounds that you can use in your own designs. They are categorised to enable you to find what you need quickly.

Full colour business card backgrounds - Plants and Flowers
Colour Schemes
Creative Designs
Fruit 'n' Veg

Learn more about backgrounds and how to enhance your cards with them for that great first impression. You'll find lots of tips and tricks in this section that will help you to know how to select your background, optimise or modify it or even design your own.